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Beautiful Saturday morning on the Square in Downtown Wooster.

Jacki Chamberlain, Marketing Specialist
Wayne County Convention & Visitors Bureau

It’s that time of year again; local farmers and gardeners alike are dusting off their folding tables, pop-up awnings and cash boxes gearing up for the farm market season. If you’ve never experienced a local weekly market or stopped off at a roadside stand to purchase fresh from the farm produce, you’re really missing a Wayne County treat.
Here are some reasons to shop directly from the farmer-

1. Fresh from the farm flavor. Because locally purchased produce was harvested that day or the day before, the product you are purchasing is farm fresh. You will quickly realize just how much better these fruits and veggies are. There is nothing quite like a strawberry picked straight from the plant, a tomato fresh off the vine, or a fresh brown egg from a free range chicken to prove a point.
2. Getting to know your local farmer. Besides the nutritional value and great taste of fresh produce, there is also the economical importance of buying directly from the farmer thus, keeping the money local. You’ll enjoy meeting the farmer who grew your green beans and potatoes. Many times they have wonderful recipes to share and are quick to slice a melon up to share with shoppers before they buy.
3. A whole lot of fun. Start a Saturday tradition by grabbing a cup of coffee to-go at a local coffee shop then visiting the vendors at your local market. Wander from booth to booth, smelling bouquets of flowers displayed in mason jars, fresh from the oven artisan breads and cinnamon rolls, fresh picked produce and herbs. Many markets offer locally made arts and crafts, children’s activities, cooking demonstrations and live music. Seriously, it just doesn’t get much better than this.
Visit the Wayne County Convention & Visitors Bureau website for a list of our local farmers’ markets and roadside farm markets at Or give us a call at 1-800-362-6474 and we will be glad to send you a copy of the 2012 Wayne County Visitors Guide that includes a copy of the Wayne County Calendar of Events for the rest of the year.

Here is a partial list of seasonal farmers’ markets in our area to get started:
Downtown Wooster Farmers’ Market, June 2-October 27, Saturdays 8 AM-NOON
Wooster Farmers’ Market-Community Center, June 14-September 27, Thursdays
7:30 AM-NOON
Orrville Farmers’ Market, by railroad tracks on W. Market St. June 14-September 27, Thursdays 3-6 PM
Doylestown Farmers’ Market, Memorial Park, July 7-August 25, Saturdays, 8-11 AM
Shreve Farmers’ Market, CSB Parking lot, Saturdays, 9 AM-NOON

Great local farm markets and co-ops, some offering pick your own produce, seasonal activities, and classes!
Bauman Orchards, Inc., Rittman
Local Roots Market and Café, Downtown Wooster
Maurer’s Farm Market, Wooster
Moreland Fruit Farm & Farm Market, Wooster
Rittman Orchards and Farm Market, Doylestown