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Lincoln Highway Banner and Wayne County Courthouse

Jacki Chamberlain, Marketing Specialist
Wayne County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Be sure to save the dates of August 8th through the 10th for the granddaddy sale of them all, the Lincoln Highway “Buyway Sale.” This sale runs along the route of the Lincoln Highway across the state and right through Wayne County, including the Village of Dalton! Many local businesses along the route have joined in the fun with sidewalk sales, discount prices and special menu items. Remember to watch for signs for sales slightly off the Lincoln Highway corridor; you may be surprised how worthwhile these sales can be. The sale is quickly becoming a “must do” event for antique and second hand shop owners as well as girlfriends looking for a unique weekend getaway or those seeking a special one of a kind item and collectors.
The concept of the garage sale is nothing new, but making them more popular than ever are the “trash to treasure” shows on the Home and Garden and DIY Networks. Also helping to keep salvageable goodies out of our landfills is the internet sensation, Pinterest. Pinterest can help you turn an old rowboat into a coffee table or an old ladder back chair into a towel bar for your bathroom, in just one afternoon!
The history of the Lincoln Highway began in 1913 with a proposed route announced by founding members, whom, by the way were all leaders in the motor car industry. This first coast-to-coast route began in Times Square in New York and ended 3,389 miles in Lincoln Park, San Francisco. While traveling this route, take time to notice buildings and businesses that once serviced travelers along the route, such as motor inns, drive-in restaurants and filling stations. If you would like information on the Lincoln Highway Sale or the history of the road, visit their website at

If you find yourself not being able to wait for the “Buyway” Sale may we suggest a trip to the NEW Wayne County Flea Market, open through October 8th. The flea market, located at 4767 Fulton Road, Smithville, will be open the first and third Saturdays and Sundays of the month from 8am until 4pm. Visit them on line at Don’t forget with the warmer weather comes the opening of local farm markets and roadside produce stands. If you would like more information on area events and attractions visit the Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau website at