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Unique Antiques  Lodging Trail YouTube (3)New video released showcasing Wayne County, Ohio’s Unique Antique Shops and Lodging Trail.

Jacki Chamberlain CTC, Marketing Specialist
Wayne County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Antique shop owners, like proprietors of lodging and bed and breakfast accommodations, have unique and interesting stories to share with their customers. They offer a rare form of hospitality that is unusual in today’s fast-paced world. That is why the Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau in Wooster, Ohio commissioned Frank Satullo of Ohio to express this story on video, which was just released on the Bureau’s website at and YouTube.

The video mixes an old film style with new, much like an antique shop would display their inventory or a bed and breakfast would mix vintage items with modern-day conveniences.
Martha Starkey, Executive Director of the Wayne County CVB, explained that the mood of the video is exactly what she had in mind when trying to convey the idea that though Wayne County is traditional in offering great hospitality and warmth, we also have a fun and unusual side to share. We are part of the world’s largest Amish settlement, home to Lehman’s Hardware, P. Graham Dunn, The Ohio Light Opera and The J.M. Smucker Company Store and Café. But, we are also home to many specialty and antique shops and while we can offer overnight accommodations at many of the popular chain hotels we also offer lodging in unique charming establishments. How about a weekend stay in a restored 1820s log home or a secluded cabin complete with waterfalls and an enchanted forest? Shop for antiques in a former downtown drug store or a historic home on a village square. This video will give you a peek at what Wayne County has to offer.

Enjoy our video then visit us online at…we have a great story to share and we would like very much to share it with you.